What’s He Reading Now?

Mr. Doyle’s current reads:
brainjackBrain Jack by Brian Falkner
This book is very exciting. I have a hard time putting it down to do my “real” work. Sam Wilson is an uber-hacker. He penetrates the network of on eof the world’s largest telecom companies and accidentaly takes down half of the Internet. He is recruited by the Department of Homeland Security to work protecting the Internet from people like him. New technology, neuro headsets, let Sam and his fellow hackers access the Internet at the speed of thought. But Sam discovers that directly connecting your brain to the Web has some serious dangers, too.

hull03Hull Zero Three by Greg Bear
Bear is one of the best science fiction authors alive today and this book doesn’t dissappoint. “Teacher” (he doesn’t know his own name) wakes up on a large spaceship with only vague memories of “Dreamtime”. He doesn’t know where he is or what he is supposed to do but he quickly realizes that there are a lot of things on the ship that want him dead. As he stumbles from place to place trying to regain his memories and avoid the monsters trying to rip him to pieces he meets a strange collection of fellow survivors. Only together can they survive and figure out what the heck is going on.

wisdomThe Wisdom of the Last Farmer by David Mas Masumoto
Masumoto is an organic peach farmer south of Fresno. He writes about farming, family, history, economics, and food. He is one of the most thoughtful and introspective writers I have met and his knowledge of agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley is impressive.

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