The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

lucky one


In the book The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, Logan Thibault is a former Marine that finds a photo of a woman during his tour in Iraq. His friend Victor claims the photo is Logans lucky charm and that he should find the woman in the photo. After a while Logan is finally convinced and eventually walks from Colorado to Hampton, North Carolina finds the woman in the photo, Elizabeth Green. Unplanned he ends up falling in love with her as he makes himself part of her and her sons’ life. Many obstacles get in their way including her ex husband trying to make their love impossible and the secret that Logan holds of telling Elizabeth the truth about why he walked from Colorado to Hampton.]

Why I picked it up:

I chose to read this book because I love the love stories that Nicholas Sparks writes about in his novels and a good friend recommended me to read this book.

Why I kept reading it:

I liked Logan Thibaults personality and the way he cared about Elizabeths son unlike her ex husband. I also liked how they started falling in love little by little and the details the author portrayed when they would bond.  This book will have you unsure of the result of the story and you would be unable to put the book down once you start reading.

Who would I give it to next:

I would give this book to anyone who enjoys reading love stories. Any person who enjoys Nicholas Sparks books and hasn’t read this book will need to read this one next.

By: Michelle Mendoza

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